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Pope Warns Catholic Clergy To Be Humble, Not Hypocrites

ope Francis on Saturday issued a clear warning to Roman Catholic clergy, saying those who profess poverty while living rich material lives were hypocrites who hurt the image and mission of the Church. On the third day of his visit to South Korea, Francis celebrated a huge open-air Mass in the center of the capital Seoul, where he denounced the growing gap between the haves and have nots, urging people in affluent societies to listen to "the cry of the poor" among them. Later, he flew by helicopter to a hilltop center for the sick, disabled and homeless run by the Church in the town of Kkottongnae, southeast of Seoul. There, he comforted sick children and adults, some of them severely disabled and disfigured and in wheel chairs, and declined to use a comfortable white, padded chair that had been prepared for him.

Source: Inform

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